Project ESF

Evaluation of the quality of education at primary and secondary schools in Slovakia in the context of ongoing content reform of education (HKV)

Basic information:

ITMS Project code: 26110130309
Tender code: OPV/K/NP/2010-1
Operational program: Education
Priority axis: No.1. A reform of the system of education and professional training
Measure: 1.1 Transformation of traditional school to modern school
Location: 7 self-governing regions: Trnava, Trenčín, Nitra, Žilina, Banská Bystrica, Prešov, Košice

  • Project activities
  • Project objectives
  • Target groups of the project

Period of implementation: June 2010 - May 2013

Project Management:

  • Main Project Manager: PhDr. Romana Kanovská
  • Project Manager: PaedDr. Ivana Pichaničová, PhD.
  • Finance Manager: Ing. Emília Muľová


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